The Healthcare Quality Book: Vision, Strategy, and Tools



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The Healthcare Quality Book: Vision, Strategy, and Tools provides the framework, strategies, and practical tactics that all healthcare leaders need as they learn, implement, and manage quality improvement efforts. With chapters by a group of leading contributors with significant expertise and breadth of experience, the book offers a detailed exploration of the components of quality, while incorporating techniques to continuously improve and transform healthcare organizations.
Instructor Resources: Test bank, PowerPoint summaries, and teaching aids for each chapter, including answers to the end-of-chapter study questions.
Every healthcare organization is on its own unique journey, but each one needs a road map to a common destination—quality. Improving the quality of care is an essential strategy for surviving—and thriving—in today’s demanding healthcare environment.
The book is organized into four parts. Part I establishes the foundation for healthcare quality and examines the history of the quality movement. Part II speaks in depth about tools, measures, and their applications in the pursuit of quality. Part III focuses on the intersection of leadership and culture—which is central to the pursuit of quality and safety. Part IV concludes the book with a series of chapters that discuss many of the emerging trends that are shaping the contemporary quality landscape.
Building on the success of the first three editions, this new edition has been significantly redeveloped and reimagined, with content strategically refined to focus on what is most essential for healthcare managers. It features new and expanded information on:

Community health quality improvementQuality measures and leadershipProvider profiling and registriesCulture-of-safety and high-reliability organizingHealth information technology

The Healthcare Quality Book is designed to be both an instructional guide and a conversation starter for all students of healthcare quality—all healthcare professionals, current and future.


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