We are a team of CPHQ Certified Healthcare Quality professionals who have made online quality study group for the past decade and culminated in this CPHQ STUDY Project.

Our efforts are to provide much needed platform for exchange of information with a Forum on the CPHQ STUDY Website.

Also we have built the most comprehensive practice question bank to assist candidates to appear in CPHQ exam confidently.

Our Online Presence

The CPHQ certification is a credential that signifies both professional and academic achievement for those who have a career in patient safety and healthcare quality.

Healthcare quality professionals work in every healthcare setting to enhance care delivery, optimize value, and improve outcomes by leading activities in one or more of the following core quality functions:   

  • Patient Safety
  • Regulatory and Accreditation
  • Quality Review and Accountability
  • Performance and Process Improvement
  • Health Data Analytics
  • Population Health and Care Transitions

There are no formal eligibility requirements to sit for the exam. It is recommended that candidates have at least two years of experience in the healthcare quality profession. The exam is written with the two-year healthcare quality professional in mind. In summary, “anyone” can sit the CPHQ exam. But, based on past data, only about two in every three candidates will pass the certifying exam.

The CPHQ exam certification is provided worldwide by US Based National Association for healthcare Quality.