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Accurately capture data and illustrate improvement at your organization.

Implementing an effective performance improvement program is a constant challenge for department managers. That is why we’ve created a second edition of our best-seller, Performance Improvement Basics: A Resource Guide for Healthcare Managers. Whether your goal is to gather buy-in from facility leaders or to brush up on effective data collection and analysis techniques, you need practical, convenient, and useful tools to focus your performance improvement program on meeting the needs of your patients and organization.

This updated book and CD-ROM will help you stay confident in your knowledge of quality improvement techniques and data analysis. It uses plain English to explain the requirements and principles of improvement initiatives, making it a beneficial resource for new and existing staff members.

Straightforward, no-nonsense approach to PI

Performance Improvement Basics, Second Edition will help you and your staff to:

– Ease new QI managers into their role
– Demonstrate how to collect and manage quality improvement data
– Provide a solid understanding of performance improvement techniques
– Familiarize readers with how to lead quality improvement meetings

Complete start-to-finish guide, designed with you in mind

This guide is useful for new and veteran staff. It covers basic performance improvement concepts and advanced topics such as how to involve staff actively in quality improvement initiatives, with emphasis on garnering physician buy-in.

Best of all, you’ll receive:

– Tools to help you design data collection, perform process analysis, make sense of your data, and present data effectively.
– Tips on coordinating your departmental PI program with physicians.
– Self-assessment checklist to help pinpoint areas that you want to develop further!

Check out the Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Performance improvement as a management tool
Chapter 2: Performance improvement planning
Chapter 3: Quality reporting and communication
Chapter 4: Quality measurement, monitoring, and analysis
Chapter 5: Process improvement basics
Chapter 6: Involving physicians in performance improvement
Appendices: Data analysis tools, PI methodologies, Guide for implementing PI program


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